Special Prayer Request

VISIT GOD’S FAMILY PRAYER CENTRE VELLORE which is near CMC Hospital and receive healing and deliverance from Almighty God

Online Special Prayer Request

The LORD has been anointed to Evangelist Pranaya Ranjan Pani, the Founder Cum president and Evangelist Christadasi Pani, the General Secretary of GOD'S FAMILY Ministry with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and hundreds of people and Families from all across our country has being blessed and especially by the grace of GOD each and every day there are numbers of people and Families (true believers those who are strong in faith) are receiving instant healing, deliverance, prophesy, miracle and spiritual blessings by the powerful prayers of the founder's Family.

So, beloved friends, if your FAMILY or any FAMILY of your relatives, friends, colleague and neighbors are going through Sickness, Chronic Disease, Childless, Witchcraft, Evil Spirit, Divorce, Separation, Court Cases or any kinds of FAMILY problem and difficulty. Kindly contact to GOD'S FAMILY to receive ANOINTING, PROPHESY, HEALING, DELIVERANCE AND MIRACLE. (Jeremiah 33:3, Mark 16:17-18, Psalms 86:7, 50:15, Joel 2:28)

Each and every day especially the founder's Family pray with tears and burden especially for the Broken Hearted FAMILIES of the WORLD. So, share your prayer request to GOD'S FAMILY and receive divine comfort. For 24x7 hours prayer supports call to these numbers [(WhatsApp No: +91- 87540 54789, +91- 842830 5050) (Phone calls: +91- 81240 13328, +91- 967748 6631, +91-842830 5050 ) You can call us in Hindi, English, Odiya and Tamil languages.

Call to GOD'S FAMILY, share your prayer request and receive ANOINTING, PROPHESY, HEALING, DELIVERANCE AND MIRACLE.

Are you suffering through SICKNESS, CHRONIC DISEASE, PERSONAL PROBLEM, FAMILY PROBLEM, CHILDLESS, WITCHCRAFT or EVIL SPIRITS etc.? Contact to GOD'S FAMILY and receive Healing, Deliverance and Miracle.

If any of your FAMILY, RELATIVES or FRIENDS comes to CMC Hospital for treatment, kindly inform them to contact GOD'S FAMILY for any emergency Help and Prayer Support. Contact number : +91-87540 54789, +91-96774 86631, +91-81240 13328


Note :- The information provided are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief..