Ministries And Activities

VISIT GOD’S FAMILY PRAYER CENTRE VELLORE which is near CMC Hospital and receive healing and deliverance from Almighty God

List Of Our Ministries And Activities

Are you suffering through SICKNESS, CHRONIC DISEASE, PERSONAL PROBLEM, FAMILY PROBLEM, CHILDLESS, WITCHCRAFT or EVIL SPIRITS etc.? Contact to GOD'S FAMILY and receive Healing, Deliverance and Miracle.

Ministry among the Broken Hearted Sick Ministry among the Blind Ministry among the Physically Challenged Ministry among the Orphans Ministry among the Fatherless Ministry among the Widows Ministry among the Prisoners Ministry among the Destitute Ministry among the Backward Ministry among the Downtrodden Ministry among the Poorest of the Poor and Needy Tribal Ministry Village Ministry Good Samaritan Ministry Ministry among the FAMILIES those who are suffering with various kinds of problems and difficulties Prayer, Fasting, Counseling, Evangelism Ministry Follow-up, Discipleship Ministry Teaching Ministry Baptism Ministry Church Planting Ministry Prayer Tower Ministry Literature Ministry Media Ministry Internet Ministry Hospital Ministry Prison Ministry Children Ministry Cottage Prayer Fellowships Ministry Bible Study Ministry Wise Women Prayer Group Ministry Gospel Camps Discipleship Camps Leadership Camps Training Programs Seminars Prophetical Conference Healing Crusades Anointing Meeting Miracle and Deliverance Meeting Revival Meetings Prayer Festivals Conventions Face Book ministry Mobile Message Ministry E-mail Ministry WhatsApp Ministry

If any of your FAMILY, RELATIVES or FRIENDS comes to CMC Hospital for treatment, kindly inform them to contact GOD'S FAMILY for any emergency Help and Prayer Support. Contact number : +91-87540 54789, +91-96774 86631, +91-81240 13328