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Our Humble Request


Dearly Beloved and Precious Friends, THIS IS A FAMILY SUPPORTED MINISTRY ORGANIZATION (running by financial support of few loving FAMILIES of INDIA).

So, we would like to request you kindly, just few minutes think about the miserable situations of the PEOPLE and FAMILIES those who are in the midst of difficulties and going through various kinds of infirmities, pains and agonies. And also just few minutes think about the Blind, Physically Challenged, Orphan, Widow, Downtrodden, Backward, Destitute, Poor, Needy and Helpless people and Families those who are suffering in their daily lives to get proper food, cloth and shelter and as well as in the midst of various kinds of pains and agonies.

Therefore, we would like to request you kindly come forward to share your love in words and actions and care for others, BECAUSE IF YOU REALLY CARE FOR OTHERS, THE LORD WILL CARE FOR YOUR FAMILY. As the word of God says in Proverbs 11:25 "The generous soul will be made rich; and he who waters will also be watered himself" Proverbs 19:17 he who has pity upon the poor lends to the LORD and HE will pay back what he has given.