Praying for the Families of the World without any distinction of Caste, Creed, Colour and Religion | A worldwide expression of GOD'S LOVE, CARE AND COMPASSION to the FAMILIES of the WORLD | SHARING GOD'S TRUTH, POWER, GLORY, HOLINESS, LOVE, CARE, AND COMPASSION TO THE FAMILIES OF THE WORLD. | Ministry among the Broken Hearted, Sick, Blind, Physically Challenged, Orphan, Fatherless, Widow, Prisoner, Destitute, Backward, Downtrodden, Poor and Needy FAMILIES

VISIT GOD’S FAMILY PRAYER CENTRE VELLORE which is near CMC Hospital and receive healing and deliverance from Almighty God

Activities Of God's Family


We do various kinds of spiritual activities among the Broken Hearted Sick, Blind, Physically Challenged, Orphan, Fatherless, Widow, Prisoner, Destitute, Backward, Downtrodden, Poor, Needy FAMILIES the WORLD those who are suffering with various kinds of problems and difficulties. Our spiritual activities are as follow.... regular Prayer, Fasting, Counseling, Evangelism, Follow-up, Discipleship, Teaching, Baptism, Church Planting Ministry, Prayer Tower Ministry, Literature Ministry, Media Ministry, Internet Ministry, Hospital Ministry, Prison Ministry, Children Ministry, Ministry among the Blind, Disabled, Orphan and Widow, Prayer Fellowships, Bible Study, Cottage Prayer Meeting, Wise Women Prayer Group, Gospel Camps, Discipleship Camps, Leadership Camps, Training Programs, Seminars, Healing Crusades, Revival Meetings, Prayer Festivals, Conventions and all kinds of Spiritual activities in all around our country; in order to reach the unreached PEOPLE and FAMILIES of the WORLD with the LIFE CHANGING GOSPEL and prepare them for THE SECOND COMING of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord Jesus Christ said "Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature" (MK- 16:15).


Periodically we visit different kinds of broken hearted PEOPOLE and FAMILIES those who are suffering with SICKNESS, WITCHCRAFT, CHILDLESS, FAMILY PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES etc. in order to set them free from all kinds of darkness situations. Example: Every day there are thousands of Broken Hearted SICK PEOPLE and FAMILIES from various parts of North India/North East come to CMC Hospital Vellore for treatment, so every day we visit different places all around CMC Hospital area and we do special prayer for the SICK by anointing them with prayer OIL and healing them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people (Mathew 9:35 ). So the Lord Jesus Christ commanded us saying " Heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give." (Mt-10:08)


We visit different villages, towns, cities and public places as like bus stand, railway station, market places and streets so on and identifying the Blind and Physically Challenged people and meeting them periodically with the love of Christ, recognizing their strengths and weakness, understanding their problems and difficulties, wiping way their pains and agonies by sharing them divine comforting words through prayers and counseling; and giving them proper guidance, encouragement and cooperation; in order to help them to have the joy of the LORD. (Jesus said, "But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind and then you will be blessed." Luke- 14: 13-14, "Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind." Luke- 14: 21 ) Secondly, bringing them into spiritual fellowship as special prayer meetings, Bible Studies, Evening Prayer Meetings, Retreats, Seminars, Camps, Christmas Programs, Family Counseling Seminars and Sunday Church Services etc. And also we promote special literature and other media to reach millions of blind and other visually handicapped people and distribute Braille productions of educational and spiritual materials especially for the blind.


We visit different jails and meet prisoners and share them good news of the Lord Jesus Christ by showing them real love of Christ and comfort them through the words of GOD and teaching them to live Blameless, Holiness and Righteousness life. And at the same time we also visit PRISONERS' families and their helpless CHILDREN in order to share them love, care and compassion of Jesus Christ through words and action as the word of GOD says "hear the groans of the PRISONERS" ( Isa 61:1, Psalms 68:6, 79:11, 102:20, 146:7, Zech 9:11, Lk 4:18 )


By the wonderful grace, mercy, and uncountable kindness of our living GOD, we have been doing EVANGELISM, FOLLOW-UP, AND CHURCH PLANTING ministry works among Blind, Physically challenged, orphan, widow, illiterate, downtrodden, backward, poor, needy and helpless TRIBAL people and Families of different parts of ODISHA STATE OF INDIA.

The real situation of our TRIBAL Missionaries: - Day by day, our missionaries are reaching many un-reaching TRIBAL AREA where there are people have no any idea about the Lord Jesus Christ. Our main activities among the TRIBAL people are EVENGELISM, FOLLOW-UP AND CHURCH PLANTING works. Till now we do not get any financial aids from any quarters for our TRIBAL MINISTRY. Although we have no any single rupees supports from outside of ODISHA STATE, still we have more than 25 missionaries/pastors in our mission fields, those who are working independently all around our TRIBAL FIELDS without any monthly support from anywhere. Our TRIBAL missionaries visit different churches and sharing about our ministry works, whatever churches give to our Missionaries for the gospel works they receive. Our TRIBAL Missionaries each and every day walk several distances to preach the GOOD NEWS of Lord Jesus Christ in the TRIBAL villages. Even most of our TRIBAL Missionaries have no bye-cycle to go for evangelism. But sincerely with prayer and fasting they reach many places with the love of Christ. Even though they have lot of financial problems in their Families yet they always forgets their own problems and focus on the problems and difficulties of the unsaved souls and comfort the broken hearted people of Families by reaching them with the life changing GOSPEL Jesus Christ. Most of the times our TRIBAL Missionaries face lot of persecutions by the Anti-Christ communities, yet they do continues ministry works for the kingdom of GOD, in order to bring the people and Families in to the light of salvation.

Till now, only by the daily fervent prayers and few contributions of local people (believers of ODISHA STATE) we are continually doing ministry works in different places of our TRIBAL AREA.

The real situation of our TRIBAL people and FAMILY :- All our church planting mission fields are among the Kandha, Advasi, poor, illiterate, underprivileged people, who are living in the interior and remote area of ODISHA STATE, where there (MOST OF THE PLACES ) are no any facility of Electricity, no drinking water, no pliable road, no hospitals and schools etc. Our TRIBAL FIELDS' people do not get the basic facilities which urban people get. Their lively hood is cutting the fire wood from the Jungle and selling in nearby villages. People live by selling firewood as well as daily wages. They hardly get 100 RUPEES per day as their earning. Every day they struggle for the daily basic needs as like food, cloth and shelter. They are living in the midst of below poverty line, difficulties, infectious dieses and miserable condition, theirs life styles such as painful, unbearable and unbelievable. Nowadays in these modern age people are every day flying in the sky and reaching one country to another country within few hours by Aeroplane, the knowledge, technology and science reached up to sky and within few moment people know what is happening in the sun and moon. But in our TRIBAL fields what a sorrowful thing! Till now many people even they have no bye-cycle. Everyday village to village they walk several kilometers to get some food items and cloths as well. Most of the times when their children get sick, they carry them to nearby villages by walking several distance to get four wheeler in order to reach the hospital which are located in city area. They are totally backward in socially, spiritually, educationally and economically and especially they very far away from the modern technologies and facilities of the present world. Till now most of our TRIBAL people worship Nature in mountains, trees, jungles etc. but by the grace of GOD many Families came to the light of Salvation.

By God's grace our ministry is bearing fruit. Now more than '75' villages have responded to Gospel and the people have accepted Jesus Christ. We conduct worship in verandas only as there are no church buildings. We have also started Sunday school in these villages. In each Sunday school nearly 25 children are attending. We even started educating the children. They are taught reading and writing. In this way we are working.

Therefore, we solicit your daily fervent prayers and Church prayers for effective ministry. The prayers of the righteous people are the spiritual blessings for the poor, needy, helpless, neglected and rejected people of ORISSA STATE, in order to bring them out of the deep darkness of the World in to the glorious light of salvation of Jesus Christ.

So we request you, please come forward to supports our ministry works and visit our mission fields. The real and fact thing is that a person cannot believe what is the present and real situation of the TRIBAL people and our mission fields unless he/she sees in his own eyes. So we request you please come and visit and see how people are living with sorrowful and miserable condition in this present and modern Age. Please come and see and then believe; but Jesus said blessed are they who believes without seeing.


Yours in HIS kingdom

With kind regards !
Evangelist Pranaya Ranjan Pani Founder Cum President