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Miracles and Testimonies

K. B. Subba

I am K. B. Subba from SIKKIM, I have cancer in my gland and since last one year I have been suffering from this sickness. I am from a Non-Christian family; and in my family my younger only Christian. We had no any idea about Jesus Christ and HIS Truth and Power, but when I became very sick and in the midst of severe pains that very moment my younger sister who is a converted Christian came to me and prayed for me then immediately I got relief from my pains and at the same time my younger sister shared us about Jesus Christ and HIS power. And now also because of the support of my younger sister we came to CMC Hospital Vellore for treatment. And when we reached Vellore my younger sister contacted GOD’S FAMILY and asked prayed support for me. The GOD’S FAMILY came and prayed fervently and applied prayed oil over my head then immediately I felt divine peace and comfort and since that day my faith was increased and I strongly believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will heal me soon. Now I am waiting for GOD’S miracle in my life to be healed. Kindly pray for me and especially pray for my whole family so that we may come to the light of salvation. Amen !

Rubeena Chettri

I am Rubeena Chettri from Dargeeling, State of West Bengal, I am suffering with spinal cord problems and day and night I am getting severe pains, due to severe pains I could not able to walk and even I am unable to seat and stand properly. Now I am under the treatment in CMC Hospital Vellore, I am from Non-Christian family and I had no any idea about true and living GOD, but one of my aunty who came along with me, she is a Christian and quite often she tells me about Christ and pray for me. My aunty told me about GOD’S FAMILY and called GOD’S FAMILY for prayer. The servant of GOD from GOD’S FAMILY came to me and prayed and shared the power of Jesus Christ. Now I am waiting in the LORD to receive divine healing. I believe that the LORD the one who created me will heal me from all my pains and sickness. Please pray for me to receive divine healing. Amen !

Naina Gurung

I am Naina Gurung from Dargeeling State of West Bengal, since last one year I was suffering with blood cancer and due to my sickness my whole family members and relatives gone through very difficult and problems. My health condition was very critical and there was no hope. Due to my health condition my parents and as well as all my family members were shedding countless tears and brought me to CMC Hospital Vellore for treatment. More than five months I was under the treatment; and during my treatment GOD’S FAMILY several times visited me and prayed for me and comforted my family with words of hope. By the grace of GOD and by the power of prayers I came out from my critical stage and discharged from hospital. When there was darkness in my life the LORD shined HIS divine light in my life, and when there was no hope in my family the LORD gave hope to my family and wiped away the tears of my family. Today I am alive only by the grace of GOD and by the power of prayers. So, Praise GOD FOR HIS unfailing love and mercy. All glory to GOD.

Sonu Rawat

I am from SIKKIM State, since last many months I was suffering with lungs TB. I was going through very depress and agonies and unbearable pains. By the help of some GOD fearing family of SIKKIM I reached to Vellore for treatment, but when I reached Vellore I had no any idea where to go and how to get appointment and proper treatment in CMC Hospital. I and My wife were in the midst of helpless and discouragement situations, but miraculously we came in contact with GOD’S FAMILY and shared our problems to them, during my surgery the GOD’S FAMILY periodically visited me and comforted me with words of encouragements and served me as like my own family and helped me lot in hospital related matters and as well as prayed day and night with real burden. Now by the grace of GOD and by the prayer and support of GOD’S FAMILY my surgery was done successfully and within few days I got well and discharged from the hospital. Personally I and my wife saw the real love of Christ and the power of prayers through GOD’S FAMILY. It is Almighty LORD alone who healed me soon from my sickness by the prayers of GOD’S FAMILY. So, I praise GOD for HIS immeasurable grace. Amen !

Mrs. Shakuntala Limboo

I am Shakuntala Limbo from, Silong, Meghalaya State, I am a well known Christian woman. Since last few months I am suffering with severe pains in my right arm. The doctor of North East advised that I must go through major surgery. So, as per the advice of the doctor I came to CMC Hospital and admitted in ‘A’ ward, the CMC doctors also said me that surgery is necessary for me and without surgery it’s impossible to be healed. But miraculously I got the contact numbers of GOD’S FAMILY and asked prayer support. The beloved servant of GOD from GOD’S FAMILY came and prayed for me by anointing the blessed oil over my head and spoke prophesy about me that without any surgery the LORD is going to heal me. Exactly, as per prophesy of the servant of GOD, the LORD healed me and helped me to get discharge from CMC Hospital without any surgery. I praise GOD for HIS marvelous works through the prayers of GOD’S FAMILY. All glory to Jesus alone.

Mrs. Daya Rai

I am Daya Rai from North East and belong to a Non-Christian Family, since last many years suffering with chest pain and burning sensation in my chest as well as dyspepsia problems. I was under severe pains and agonies and full of distressed in my spirit, but when I came to CMC Hospital Vellore for treatment I contacted GOD’S FAMILY and through one of my relatives. The ministers of GOD’S FAMILY shared me about the power of Almighty GOD and prayed for me with real burden and heart of compassion. I felt the real love of GOD through GOD’S FAMILY. Now I feel better than before and I believe that according to my faith the LORD will heal me completely. So I request you, kindly pray for me to receive divine healing from the Almighty GOD. Amen !

Miss. Srijana Thappa

Srijan Thappa : I am a Non-Christian Girl from North East. Since last 4 years I have been suffering with tumore in brain and lungs cancer. My health condition was very critical and day and night I was going through demoralize and anguish and due to my sickness even all of my family members were in the midst of pains and agonies. When I came to Vellore CMC Hospital for treatment, by the grace of GOD suddenly I met GOD’S FAMILY and theirs prayer warriors and shared my problems to them. The GOD’S FAMILY prayed for me several days with real burden and fasting. According to my faith the Almighty GOD answered the prayers of GOD’S FAMILY and I received complete healing. Because of GOD’S FAMILY I came to know the living GOD and HIS power and salvation. Since that day I believe Jesus Christ and now I started reading Bible and praying to the living GOD for the salvation of my family members and others those who not yet tasted the salvation of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen !